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Thank you for visiting my website. I would love to hear your thoughts on my artworks and connect with you over social media. For any freelance projects or art related inquiries feel free to write an email or call.

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Reading, UK.
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Gunja Bhatt

Gunja Bhatt was born and raised in the diverse and multicultural country of India. She later lived in the warm Bay Area of California, USA, and currently resides in the beautiful town of Reading, United Kingdom.

As a child, Gunja grew up listening to folk stories and always enjoyed watching classical animated cartoons, exploring the colorful art of Indian culture. Her curiosity for art and hunger to learn more about it led her to pursue a Master’s in Visual Arts with Illustration as her major at Maharaja Sayajirao University in Vadodara, Gujarat, India in 2009. After completing her studies, she worked full-time at major studios such as Vama Communication in Ahmedabad, Maya Digital Studios in Mumbai, and Varmora Infotech in Ahmedabad.

Following the birth of her child in 2014, Gunja transitioned her career to a work-from-home model. This allowed her to grow as

an artist by contributing her skills to freelance projects while also caring for and enjoying time with her family. Throughout her career, she has maintained a deep passion for illustrating children’s books in the kidlit publishing industry. This passion has led her to seek mentorship under the program “PATHWAYS INTO CHILDREN’S PUBLISHING” by Pop-Up Org., London, where she is guided by top publishers and university professors in the UK.

Gunja’s parallel passion lies in background design and painting environments for the animation industry. She finds the process of painting color and light to be the most enjoyable aspect of her work. Recently, she has discovered that her strongest skillset is her proficiency with “COLOR.” As an ambitious artist, her long-term goal is to work as a Color Key Artist/Color Script Artist.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Gunja Bhatt is a passionate en plein air painter who can often be spotted creating art outdoors in various seasons and times. When she is not focused on her art career, she enjoys attending art workshops, hiking in the woods, traveling, and spreading her love for art to inspire creativity in everyone she encounters. All of this she does while creating valuable life experiences with her family.