Artist Gunja


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Reading, UK.


Indian Village Places Compositions

Indian Farm and Village House of a small town

A composition for the home where Chaaran kanya Lives in farm House, showing Indian village home living style Done with Pigma Micron pens and Brush Pens on Brown paper.

Far at the mountain

A Composition showing long far land and mountain range from where the you keep hearing sound of lions who attacks to village people when feel hungry. This is done with Pigma Micron pens and Brush Pens on paper.


A composition showing Indian Village street shop where you can meet and greet people from village. They sell tea and packet snacks. It also has small water pots for passing by travelers. It is built under tree to beat against warm weather done with Charcoals on paper.

Bird Nest and feeder at Banyan Tree

Concept Sketch of the place where the bird nest is hanging done with Gray Copic Markers on paper.


Value Composition


January 16, 2017